Wilkens c.s. specialises in medical translations in the fields of human as well as veterinary medicine. We have set up a separate unit for this purpose: Wilkens c.s. Medical Translations. Wilkens c.s. has a worldwide network of specialist medical translators at its disposal, including doctors, pharmacologists and medical researchers.

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Our clients include international pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers of medical devices, hospitals, insurance companies, medical advertising agencies and foundations.
We translate SPCs, ICFs, study protocols and package leaflets, but also technical medical texts such as manuals for medical equipment, software manuals and software applications. We also translate marketing and product texts such as catalogues, brochures, websites and patient diaries. Moreover, we provide translations of forms, competence lexicons and regulations for the Human Resources departments of large pharmaceutical companies, for example.

EMA guidelines

The quality of a medical or pharmaceutical translation not only depends on linguistic aspects but also on the correct application of the European guidelines directives for terminology and phraseology.

For medical translations, Wilkens c.s. Medical Translations complies with the authorisation procedures for pharmaceutical products of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and makes sure that our translators adhere to these guidelines. In addition, we use translation tools such as translation memories and terminology databases. This results in clear and consistent use of terminology.

Quality control

Wilkens c.s. is ISO and EN certified. The ISO certification applies to all internal and external processes and gives you the assurance that our quality processes satisfy strict requirements and are always used. The EN certification pertains specifically to the translation procedures and working methods. This means, among other things, that every translation is checked by a second translator or reviser who also has an in-depth knowledge of the specialist area in question.

Visit our medical translation agency for your medical translation: Wilkens c.s. Medical Translations.

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