Writing and copywriting

How do you ensure that everyone sees how good your products or services are? Or that your target group actually sees you? The first step to success: great texts! And you don’t need to add to your workload or hire extra resources for that.

Wilkens c.s. has writers who create a range of excellent texts. For example, copywriters who write commercial and creative texts and who not only help you inform potential customers but also win the hearts of your target group. And we don’t just do that in Dutch, but in any language you want.


Good copywriters know exactly how to express the benefits of your product or service. They empathise with the reader and tell them what they want to know. You might think that excellent copywriters are hard to find.

But we’ve found them. Our linguistic virtuosos have extensive knowledge and experience in communication, marketing and advertising. And even more importantly: they have already proved that they can optimally communicate your product or service.

SEO texts

We can also help you write SEO texts. Search Engine Optimisation helps make your website more findable.

With SEO texts, we first focus on search terms: which terms does your website need to be found on? Once these have been identified, our SEO writers get to work. They ensure that your search terms occur often enough (but not too often) and in exactly the right place on your website. The result: a text that is written to ensure that it scores better in search engines.

Need some advice on internet marketing? For example, design, the navigation structure, images, multimedia and interactive elements? These all contribute to the effectiveness of your website. In that case, we work together with our marketing department. Interested in the options? If so, contact us.

Wilkens c.s. and copywriting

Not enough to write or translate your marketing texts in one (different) language? Do you want to immediately go for several languages? We have a large international network of copywriters and translators who write or translate your texts in their native language. You can first have your text written in Dutch or English and later in as many languages as you want. Whether these are flyers, brochures, annual reports or website texts: we will be happy to work on them.

And do you have a longer text writing project planned? We can also manage your entire planning and implementation for you. We organise everything for you, so you don’t need to worry about anything!


Are you ready for texts that will win over your target group? Let’s get together and see how we can help. Please contact  our project managers or request a no-obligation quote.

Don’t need commercial or creative texts, but you have another text writing project we could help you with? Again, contact us! Are your texts technical? Check out our technical writing page. Perhaps that’s more what you’re looking for!