Technical writing

Has your organisation just developed a large and complex machine? In that case, you need a process description. The coffee machine in your kitchen? There’ll be paper instructions with it. Your software package came with online help texts, product information is enclosed with your hay fever medication, and if you’re using chemical detergents, you’d better read the instructions. And have you just launched a new product? In that case, you will know that you need good technical documentation, perhaps even in several languages.

If you want to do that properly, you will need a lot of time and knowhow. To take all that work off your hands, we offer you our technical writers, who will be happy to get to work on your technical texts.

Technical documentation and optimisation

‘Technical writing’ is a broad term that is used for different aspects. Let us explain our work so that you know exactly what you can expect from us.

Product ready? Now it’s time for the next step: technical documentation. Our technical writers will get to work for you! While they are writing, they use supporting software, which divides the documentation into modules. These modules make it much easier to manage your documentation: when you make changes, all the related texts can be found and adjusted quickly. This structure is also very economical, because it also ensures that the text can be translated quickly and easily.

It’s important that documentation is user friendly, clear and understandable for all the users of your product. Writing technical documentation is therefore not an easy task. Our technical writers ensure that you receive clear, accessible documentation in which the features and functionalities of your product are described in an understandable way.

Did you know that managing and optimising existing technical documentation is often surprisingly cost efficient? With a little bit of effort, you can make managing documentation much easier (and cheaper!). We analyse and streamline the documentation: we produce short, clear forms, remove duplications in texts and use illustrations where possible. The result? A more efficient text, easy management and fast, reliable and cheaper translations.

Wilkens c.s. and technical writing

Do you have a small writing project with a short deadline? If so, we will be happy to second our technical writers to your location. Do you have a bigger project planned? In that case, together we will draw up a plan, complete with clear working method and planning.

This is an approach that suits us well. Because we like to have a good relationship with our clients and learn about your organisation, products and processes. In this way, we can optimally fulfil your expectations and deliver the best result.


Ready to start work on your technical documentation? Or do you want to optimise your documentation so that you can later effortlessly maintain it? And when everything’s finished, do you want to have it translated? Let’s do it!

Let’s get together and see how we can help. Please contact  us or request a no-obligation quote!