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Language connects us and facilitates communication. As a translation company, we are closely involved in our clients’ communication processes. We are the link that ensures that clients, staff and stakeholders not only hear you but also really understand you. We do that first and foremost by zooming out and not just hitting you with translation jargon, but thinking from the perspective of our clients.

Translation as part of your workflow

Before we talk about our native language speakers and ISO certification, we want to talk about you: the client. We distinguish ourselves by being close to our clients. We want to know about your processes, because a translation is always part of a bigger picture.

For an outsider, a translation might just seem to involve a Word document of 7,653 words that needs to be translated from English to Dutch. But how many hours have you spent struggling to get those words on paper? And how long has it taken to get that document approved? And above all: what will the document be used for and who is it targeting?

Translating is sensitive, so we feel it’s extremely important to listen and ask the right questions. Together, we can then achieve the best result, whether you are the translator at a legal firm, the CEO of an internationally renowned building company or a marketing assistant in SME specialised in medical devices.

And whether those 7,653 words are an important contract that requires a meticulous translation, a series of website texts about new sustainable products that need to win people’s hearts, or complex research: we want to learn about you and your organisation and work together on your translations.


One is a young digital nomad who translates marketing texts,  while another is a retired bilingual heart surgeon who uses their knowledge to translate clinical studies. Our translators are always people with a passion for language and their area of expertise. We ensure that we find the best translator for every project. To offer you the best quality, we only work with native language speakers. We work with more than 3,000 translators all over the world. Our Vendor Services department is constantly engaged in finding, screening and evaluating the very best translators.

Quality guarantees

We have developed our services in such a way that we can always guarantee our clients the highest quality. We are particularly proud of the following:

  • Wilkens c.s. has ISO 9001 certification, which means that our quality management process meets the highest standards.
  • Wilkens c.s. has ISO 17100 certification, the standard that specifies requirements for the translation process, such as always working with native language speakers and that the text is always revised by a second translator.
  • We are members of BQTA, the association of professional Belgian translation companies.
  • Technology holds no secrets for us, meaning we are not afraid of innovation. We will always strive to integrate technology in our processes to be able to deliver an even better result without compromising on quality.

We do even more than just translate. For example, copywriting and technical writing. And if that isn’t enough for your translation or writing project? Check out our additional services.

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