Whether it concerns an official tender document, a marketing campaign with a twist, the product information for a revolutionary drug, your website or the manual for a blender with the latest gadgets: at Wilkens c.s., we will be happy to translate it for you. The diversity is what makes our work so exciting!

And this diversity has also ensured that we have become so good at what we do and that we have been able to build up an extensive network of the best translators. This network is as multifaceted as our translation projects. Which is why we can always find the best translator for your translation project.

Our translation specialisations

We always work with translators who are not only brilliant at translating but who also have extensive experience in your field. Do you work for a legal firm, for example? Then you can be sure that a legally specialised translator will be working on your document. Or do you work for a marketing company? Then an experienced marketing translator will get to work on your translation project.

We specialise in various fields:

Do you have a document that you want translated but don’t know which category it belongs to? No problem! Just contact us, or request a no-obligation quote, because we can always help you.

Wilkens c.s. and translating

To be able to do a good job for you and be able to think from your perspective, we feel it is very important that we learn about you as a client. We want to know what kind of organisation it is and about your processes, because the translation that you are requesting is always part of a bigger picture. By listening attentively and asking the right questions, together we arrive at the best result. Are you interested to know which other organisations have entrusted their translation work to us? Take a look at our clients.

Our translators have extensive and diverse experience in your field. One translator has had a long and intensive career and enjoys using their knowledge during their retirement, while another has decades of experience in the translation world and has already worked on many books or documents. So there will always be an expert working on your text.

Big project planned?

Do you have a big project with a phased delivery of texts that all need to be translated? We can take all the planning and implementation off your hands. We will consult with the translators and ensure that your project is delivered within the available time.

Such a big project can seem like a massive challenge. So we go a step further than planning and implementation: we can even write all the texts. We then set our specialised copywriters or technical writers to work for you. Let’s get together and see how we can help you.


We ensure that you don’t need to worry about your translation project, however difficult your text or language combination. Want to organise it now? Please contact us and we can explain the options. And you can always request a no-obligation quote.