Language is a wonderful form of communication, but it can create barriers when you speak different languages and can’t understand each other. This can create difficult situations, particularly when it concerns specialist and complex information. For example, conferences and congresses, meetings and presentations, in court or at important meetings with a civil-law notary.

You want to be sure that both you and your clients or participants understand exactly what is being said. With our interpreting service, we eliminate language barriers and ensure smooth communication, whether you need a French, Spanish, Arab, German, English, Thai or Farsi interpreter.

Interpreting services and equipment

When you hire an interpreter, it’s important to know the situation in which the interpreter will be working. To make the choice easier for you, we have listed all the options. Can’t find your situation? Please contact us, because we can always arrange something.

At a congress or conference, you need a simultaneous interpreter. They interpret while the speaker is speaking, so that there is no delay. The interpreter listens, translates and speaks at the same time, so they need a lot of experience, knowledge of the subject, concentration and preparation. In this case, interpreting equipment is usually required.
For smaller gatherings, a consecutive interpreter is sufficient. After short periods, they translate what has just been said. No equipment is required with this service.

You need an interpreter, but for some reason (distance, urgency, capacity), they cannot be physically present. Let the interpreter join your meeting via a video or phone link. The interpreter then works consecutively: that means that someone speaks, after which the interpreter is given the opportunity to translate what has been said. The speaker then continues their story, and so on.

Do you have a video link and several languages, a large group of participants or a big presentation? In that case, a simultaneous interpreter is a better option. They interpret while the speaker is speaking. This is not an option for phone interpreting.

In the judicial system, Dutch is the only language permitted. When one of the parties in court does not speak Dutch well enough, a court interpreter is required who is specialised in the subject of the court case. Court interpreters work simultaneously, so when the speaker is speaking.

As the term implies: this interpreter works with the civil law notary. It is a legal requirement for a civil law notary to use an interpreter if a client does not understand or speak Dutch well enough. This is to ensure that their client fully understands the document being discussed. The notary interpreter is always a sworn interpreter who specialises in notary law and the related terminology.

A sworn interpreter may work for courts, notaries and the police, for example. Interpreters who are not sworn may not. They are registered in the Register of sworn interpreters and translators (Rbtv) and have taken an oath. Sworn interpreters are not necessarily better than non-sworn interpreters: they are just subject to more specific requirements concerning diplomas and work experience.

Is anyone attending your congress or meeting deaf or hard of hearing? In that case, you will need a Dutch Sign Language Interpreter. This ensures that everyone can understand what is being discussed. You can also choose a speech-to-text interpreter: they write down everything that is said, so that those who are deaf or hard of hearing can read it.


Using a headset and microphone, an interpreter can listen to the speaker and interpret at the same time. Everyone listening to the interpreter also wears a headset. These whisper sets are used for groups of between 2 and 10 people.

Is your interpreter working for a large group of people? In that case, an interpreter booth is a necessary addition. The soundproof booths (static and mobile available) ensure that the interpreter can focus properly, without any disturbance or background sounds.

Wilkens c.s.: the interpreting service for Ghent and surroundings

Together, we look for an interpreter who perfectly fits you and your situation and who has the necessary knowledge of your affairs. Fortunately, we have an extensive database of interpreters, so we can always offer the best interpreter. And in most language combinations!

When you hire an interpreter, we also organise all the logistic aspects, such as the transport and hire of whisper sets and interpreter booths.


Let’s get together and see how we can help. Please contact our staff, who will tell you more about all the options. And you can always request a no-obligation quote.