Additional services

You have a project that is slightly more complex than a typical translation project, which only involves the translation of a document. You might be translating a website or printed folder material, for example. You need a translation company that can do more than just translate. Thanks to our extensive network of language professionals, we can help you with most of your language-related questions and projects!

Do you need something that isn’t mentioned below? Please contact us, and we can tell you more about all our additional services.

Do you want to be sure that your written communication is perfect in all respects? With our text review service, you have that assurance. We check your texts for grammar and spelling errors, as well as style and content. We always select a reviewer who knows your discipline, and we deliver text reviews in all languages!

After the review, you receive an error-free and stylistically perfect text in all languages. You also receive a document showing track changes, so that you can see what changes have been made to the original text. Any other issues, such as cultural and other content-related matters, are mentioned in an accompanying e-mail.

When translating a text, the word count almost always changes. In most cases, the translated text has more words than the original text. That means that when the translated documents are prepared for printing, some changes are usually required.

Our translators therefore translate directly in InDesign. After translation and review, the proofs are checked. The result: you receive a perfect, print-ready document. This approach is much more economical and faster than working with a separate desktop publishing company.

We can also deliver digital formatting of printed material. Our desktop publishing department can format all your documents according to your instructions. We deliver our DTP services in all languages, even languages that use characters, like Chinese, and languages that are written right to left, like Hebrew. In such cases, we always use a DTP expert with in-depth knowledge of the language concerned.

Nothing is worse than mistakes in your printed material, particularly if you only notice them once the finished item is on your desk. By using our proofreaders, you can be assured that error-free documents will be sent to the printer.

Our proofreaders can also work directly in InDesign. That saves you time and money: after the proofread, your document is ready for the printer. This works much faster than the usual annotation of PDF files, which then need to be sent to a DTP company.

Do you want a translation of a website or part of it? We make it easy for you! Our translators work directly in your content management system (CMS). That means it is no longer necessary to first export the texts, have them translated and then re-import the translations. Once the translation has been completed, it is also immediately available on the website!

Another option we provide is translating HTML files. We have sophisticated software for this, with which exported websites (an HTML dump) can be translated. This software retains the hierarchical structure of the website. The translated HTML files can be easily re-imported in your website.

Do you have a big or long-running translation or writing project  planned? You might consider a secondment! A translator or writer works on site (or remotely), giving them the opportunity to become more familiar with your organisation and product or service. They can then consult experts, product developers and other parties on site. An effective approach that can only improve the quality of the texts!

Want to have rapid and clear insight into the content of a long text? We can summarise your text, either in writing or orally. Because expertise is very important in this, we always select a writer or reviewer who understands the subject of the text. One who knows the terminology, who can distinguish between key points and side issues and who can summarise complex subjects concisely.

As you can see, we have a lot of expertise at Wilkens c.s. Nothing is too much for us.

So, you have a translation project, and you wonder how we can help? Contact us!