Marketing translations

Marketing translations require a certain level of creativity and originality. It is important to communicate the message in an appealing way and hit the right note with your target group. We enjoy helping our clients get their story into the world in the right way, through a wide range of marketing material, from brochures to advertisements and social media content.

No marketing translation is the same

At Wilkens c.s., we have wide-ranging expertise in the marketing world. We translate marketing material not only for big companies on the world market, but also for small start-ups just setting out on the international market. Whether you are an experienced multinational or a starter, we ensure the best results for every project, first and foremost by focusing on a correct assessment of your needs. In this way, we can totally adapt to the unique requirements of each client.

A local online supermarket wanting to reach the entire Belgian market via interesting blog posts has different translation needs than a company that wants to make their email marketing software available to a global audience. We discuss with our customers what story they want to tell, how they wish to do that and who they are targeting. In short, we help our clients turn their marketing translation into a narrative.

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Your tone of voice in translations

Language is not the only foundation of marketing texts. Writing style and tone of voice are crucial too. Every language is characterised by a series of nuances and subtleties that contribute to the effectiveness of the message. A good translator is therefore skilled at deciphering these nuances and adapting these subtle differences, writing style and tone of voice to the target group. Obviously, you want your clever play on words to put a smile on the face of your international reader too.

And that clearly requires a degree of creativity from the translator! We therefore always look for the translator who perfectly suits your profile and who has extensive experience in the marketing sector. One translator may have experience working as a content creator for multinationals, while another has been involved in making websites for companies from all corners of the world. What all these translators have in common is that they translate into their native language. In this way, our clients are assured that their translation comes across naturally in another language.

When the translation is finished, an experienced reviewer also checks the text. This is a regular part of the ISO 17100 standard. So even if that creative multitasker has made a typo, which can happen to us all from time to time, you can be sure that you will receive a perfect result.

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Besides translating website content, we also offer copywriting services. Click to read our page on text writing!

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