A pinch of humour for Rayon

Since 2022, Wilkens c. s. has been working with Rayon, a Belgian online supermarket. We help them with the translation of their weekly newsletter, which often contains a touch of humour. Our translators can let their creative juices flow, because the texts are packed with word plays which obviously need to be translated with a playful turn of phrase. In this success case, you can read how we approach this and other Rayon-related challenges.

Products from home

The online supermarket Rayon is a Smartmat brand, like Foodbag, the recipe box supplier. Rayon is a Belgian organisation which focuses on good, healthy food, made with products from home. They want cooking enthusiasts to taste the advantages of shopping online and inspire them with fun recipes.

To reach their target audience, they send out a weekly newsletter, in which they refer to their current offers and tasty recipes. For them, this newsletter is the main way of contacting their customers. And the online supermarket obviously wants to reach the whole of Belgium. Which is where Wilkens c.s comes into play.

Good agreements make good friends

We translate the newsletter into French every week. To work as efficiently as possible, we arranged with Maxime Demeyere, Content Creator at Rayon, that we would receive the Dutch newsletter every Monday or Tuesday. We then make sure that the translation is ready by Thursday, so that Maxime has enough time to prepare the text to be sent out on Friday.

This regularity makes our cooperation as efficient as can be. Our translators know that the Rayon translation is coming and reserve the time in their busy schedules. In the meantime, our translators know the style and tone of voice of Rayon, and can therefore deliver readable, fun translations.

A pun is always fun

For Maxime, it’s vital that the tone of voice is correct. Rayon is a young company which targets young food lovers. This young spirit may be reflected in the communication with their customers, and puns are part of that fun element.

Which sometimes makes it a challenge for the translators, but they always manage to produce a witty translation. Maxime always provides additional context too, so that our translators clearly the background to the pun. Some puns can be literally translated. Sometimes, however, the translator thinks up multiple options, from which Maxime can choose his favourite.

“The speed with which you translate and the fact that the translators always engage with us creates great added value,” Maxime says. He is also very pleased with the communication. Everything goes smoothly and we respond very quickly to problems or issues.

At Wilkens c.s., we appreciate this pleasant partnership, where open communication and feedback are key. Do you need help with the translation of newsletters, with or without a touch of humour? Please contact us via info@wilkens.be or via 09 265 00 40.

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