A flexible partnership with Flexmail

The partnership between Flexmail and Wilkens c.s. goes back a long way: from the first project in 2013, followed by occasional translation requests, to the weekly projects we work on now. Which is why we want to highlight this partnership in this success case.

A user-friendly e-mail marketing platform

Flexmail is a 100% Belgian company that offers software for e-mail marketing. Want to send an invitation to a webinar, a newsletter or a promo mail? The Flexmail platform brings everything together in one tool and helps you to quickly, effectively and efficiently fulfil your e-mail marketing needs. Additionally, you get useful tips for your e-mail marketing and a fantastic support team.

Speed and quality

‘We know we can always count on you.’ That is how Anneleen Scheepers, content specialist at Flexmail, describes the partnership with Wilkens. So what makes this partnership so flexible?

Firstly, we make sure that the timing is right. We respond to their requests very fast and send them a quote as quickly as possible. The projects are often time sensitive, which is why Flexmail values a swift response. We therefore do our utmost to deliver the translations within the desired deadline. Meaning that Flexmail doesn’t have to worry about this part of their to-do list.

Additionally, we guarantee the consistent quality of the translations. We do that by always using the same translators for this customer. After a short search for the translators best suited to Flexmail, we can always guarantee the same style and terminology.

Exotic languages or languages close to home?

What translation projects do we help Flexmail with exactly? As a Belgian company, Flexmail tends to focus on the Belgian market. Which is why it’s important that besides English, their communications are also available in the three national languages. And that’s where Wilkens comes in. We help Flexmail with the translation of blogs and mailings, about app updates and mails with practical tips. Occasionally, we also help them with the translation of the content for their webinars.

With the platform itself, Flexmail obviously wants to reach a more international audience. Wilkens also helps them with the translation of the tool and the accompanying manual in about 20 different languages. Bulgarian, Estonian or Maltese are no problem for Wilkens!

Can we help you with the translation of your blogs, mailings or webinars? Please feel free to contact us via +32 9 265 00 40 or via info@wilkens.be.

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