When paying in a store, the sales assistant at the checkout only needs to tap a few logical buttons and you see the right total. At self-checkouts in the supermarket, you can even choose yourself which buttons you tap. Sounds logical and easy, which is how it should be. Because anywhere you find a computer, software is used to achieve various goals. Whether it’s to control a welding robot or turn on Bluetooth radio.

Finish. Cancel. Stop. Leave. On/Off. All different meanings, but in different contexts all possible translations for a button that says ‘Quit’ in English. It’s important to ensure that the buttons, instructions and workflows are all clearly offered in every language, so that there can be no confusion about their meaning.

Understandable software for our clients' customers.

Wilkens has been helping its clients for years with translating their software. We ensure the best results for every project, first and foremost by focusing on a correct assessment of the client’s needs. In software localisation, the deadline often plays an important role, because the translating process often only starts at the end of the process with a strict deadline.

Let’s be honest, we aren’t software developers. We leave that to the people who know Python or Java inside out. However, we do feel it’s important to be able to communicate well with those developers and always want to know our position in the software development process. That enables us to provide you with the best support.

More than just translating your software

We do not only translate your software texts, however long or short the segments may be. We engage in the whole process of software translation: the preparation, the import of your software texts from your development environment and the export into our translation environment, the translation itself – whereby we ensure that this is completed in such a way that it seamlessly fits into your systems – testing in the user interface and the export and import back into your system. And all that in collaboration with our Language Technology team.

Clearly, your software translation is in expert hands with us, and we haven’t even talked about our translators yet. Our translators always translate into their native language to ensure the best and most natural result each time. After the translation, an experienced reviewer checks the translation again. This is recorded in the ISO 17100 standard, and we ensure that your website makes exactly the same impression as in the original language!

Cases software translations: