Translation Specializations


Annual reports and quarterly accounts, reports for stakeholders, analyses for shareholders of a fund or insurance policies. The financial world is built on figures, but correctly communicating the interpretation of those figures requires clear language.


Whether it concerns a deed of sale for your first home, a birth certificate, employment contract or the statutes of the association you have set up: at some point you will be confronted with legal documents. We enjoy providing our clients with translations  of any type of legal document.


Reports of clinical studies, informed consent forms, package leaflets for medical products: the medical world is a fascinating but extremely regulated sector. Which is obviously good, because when it comes to health you want nothing less than the very best.

Government communication

Policy memos, speeches, press releases, tenders or official European Union documents: communications with and between government organisations are often topical and sensitive, or bound to specific rules. Wilkens c.s. delivers every translation of government communication to the letter!


Finish. Cancel. Stop. Leave. On/Off. All different meanings, but in different contexts all possible translations for a button that says ‘Quit’ in English. It’s important to ensure that software is clearly offered in every language.


Technical documentation is extremely important in our society. Whether it concerns a manual, building specifications or a marketing brochure for a new type of solar panel: to translate  technical documentation, you need people with the right expertise.


A website is a digital home for organisations, so it must look fantastic. But the language of your website is equally important. You want to ensure that people feel good about your organisation and feel connected with it. And that’s done best in the visitor’s native language.


Marketing translations require a certain level of creativity and originality. It is important to communicate the message in an appealing way and hit the right note with your target group. We enjoy helping our clients get their story into the world in the right way.