Government translations

Policy memos, speeches, press releases, tenders or official European Union documents: communications with and between government organisations are often topical and sensitive, or bound to specific rules. From local government to European institutions or international businesses planning to take part in a tender: Wilkens c.s. delivers every translation of government communication to the letter!

From local government to European government institution

With three official national languages, multilingual communication is very important within the Belgian government, but there are also people in our country who speak Italian, Arab, Turkish or Pashto. You can reach people best in their own language. Add to that the partnerships between different countries in the European Union, and translation clearly plays a major role in government communications.

For many years, Wilkens c.s. has been supporting various government organisations at local, regional, district, federal and European level with all their translation needs. We deliver translations in every possible language combination. We ensure the best results for every project, first and foremost by focusing on a correct assessment of the client’s needs.

The diplomat who is giving an important speech at a conference in Israel speaks a different language from the mayor’s assistant in a rural village wanting to send out an invitation to tender, but both need to be able to reach the right people in the right way. We discuss with our customer what they want to say, how they wish to do that and who they are ultimately targeting.

The best translators are our guarantee

Our translators always have extensive experience in their specialist field. One became a translator after a long career working in a government organisation, another after specialising in translating European Union regulations.

Our translators always translate into their native language to ensure the best and most natural result each time. After the translation, an experienced reviewer checks the translation again. This is recorded in the ISO 17100 standard, and we ensure that we get the most out of our international communications.


Many government organisations have an internal translation department. However, they sometimes need help due to busy schedules or the urgency of the translation. Wilkens c.s. is the regular ‘overflow’ partner for several government organisations. Thanks to our network of more than 3,000 translators, we can respond rapidly to short deadlines. Our years of experience with government translations ensures that you not only receive your translation fast, but that it is also correct and written according to the rules.


Government communication is often confidential and can contain data and information that may not be shared. We ensure that all the documents are saved safely and with integrity, and that the entire translation process is so streamlined that only the necessary people see the documents.

All our staff and translators sign a non-disclosure agreement. If you would like extra assurance by signing a separate NDA for your translation work, that is no problem at all!