Your organisation has just launched a product presentation. You are creating attractive social media content to win everyone’s hearts. You have developed brilliant information or instruction videos. Perhaps your organisation is planning to offer remote education or video lessons. And why restrict yourself to the target group that speaks the language in which your visual material is produced?

Why subtitles?

Firstly, you significantly expand your target group when you add subtitles, because many more people can now watch and understand your content. And by choosing to subtitle your material in your own language, you reach even more people. Like everyone who watches a video on their phones whilst on public transport.

Facebook research has shown that more and more people are watching videos muted and with subtitles, and that a message comes across much better when people read it compared with only hearing it. Subtitles also make the material, and therefore your organisation, easier to find on Google. Video content can’t yet be decrypted, unlike the written text in it.

In subtitling, you have three choices:

Subtitles are translated from the language being spoken into a language of your choice. This can be useful when your material is intended for foreign language speakers, or when you want to launch your product or service on the international market.

Here, subtitles are in the same language as the language spoken in the video. So no one needs to miss your video due to the lack of earphones or headphones, and it can be watched in busy places.

With closed captioning, the subtitles are written in the same language as the spoken language, and the background sounds and music are also included. This is often used for the deaf and hard of hearing.

How do subtitles work?

Do you want to subtitle your organisation’s material? If so, our subtitling experts will get to work! Using specialised subtitling software, they ensure that your subtitles are timed to the millisecond and the spoken text is translated. In doing so, they focus on reading speed, the available space and time and other subtitling guidelines. For example, did you know that a subtitle line may only contain 42 characters, including spaces? The subtitles are then ready to be linked to your visual material.

As a client, you have two choices. Do you want to link the file with subtitles to the visual material yourself, so that the viewers can choose whether to watch with or without subtitles? Or do you want burned-in subtitles that we key onto the visual material, so that they are incorporated in the video? The choice is yours.


We ensure that your product video or social media campaign is subtitled in your chosen language or languages. Want to organise it now? Please contact  us and we can explain the options. And you can always request a no-obligation quote.