Speed and style for Winsol’s website

Winsol, the West-Flemish specialist in solar shading and outside carpentry, is conquering the international market. To reach their French, German and Spanish customers, they have been working with Wilkens since September 2020.

Speedy and stylish

In October 2021, Winsol approached us with their biggest translation project so far: the translation of their new website. They were about to replace their existing website, and the new version needed to be translated into French. A smaller number of pages also needed to be translated into English, German and Spanish. The website is now live, and you can admire the translated website here.

Winsol is an innovative and dynamic company of enthusiastic and passionate experts. They want to reflect that on every page of their website. The translation therefore needed the correct style and tone of voice.

And it needed to be completed quickly. The huge website needed to be live by early December 2021.

More translators for more speed

Together with Hanne Ghyselen, Digital and Content Marketer at Winsol, we agreed to translate the whole website in batches of a certain number of pages. We translated and delivered those batches as quickly as possible, while Hanne wrote new texts, which she sent us every few weeks. Because there was sometimes an overlap between the different batches, we decided to work with multiple translators, each translating their own batch.

This solved the issue of speed, but then a new challenge appeared. Every translator obviously has their own style, which might not totally coincide with the style that Winsol wants to convey.

A style guide that stands out

So we drew up a style guide for Winsol. This incorporated the key values of Winsol, which form of address to be used and what words to avoid. Using past translations and thanks to support from Hanne and her colleagues, we created the perfect basis for our translators.

‘The style guide is an excellent reference work, which we will continue to use in the future,’ says Hanne. The style guide can also be used for brochures and newsletters.

The result: a successful collaboration and a great website

Having divided the workload over multiple translators, the website could go live quickly. Thanks to the style guide, customers browsing the website won’t notice that some pages have been translated by different translators. Each page reflects the dynamic and innovative character of Winsol, and the customers continue to feel the company’s expertise.

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