Dedalus: medical platforms for users worldwide

Dedalus Group is one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the world. Because of their world position, they are a big and strong player when it comes to healthcare and diagnostic software. They help care providers and healthcare professionals provide better care to the communities in which they operate.

Every citizen must be able to consult their medical records. The mission of the Dedalus Group is to create a digital healthcare ecosystem in which all stakeholders actively collaborate to improve the health outcomes of every citizen. They do this through different platforms in order to connect care providers and patients.

The Dedalus Group platforms are used in hospitals and laboratories. Patients can also access the platforms on their own phones, on which they can install applications that help them navigate the medical world. Wilkens c.s. has been doing the translations for two of these platforms, Engage Suite and PACSonWEB, for five years.

Patient in their own language

At Dedalus Group, the patient is key. It is important to speak to and support patients in their native language. Which is why Wilkens c.s helps Dedalus Group make their platforms and applications available in the local language of all the regions they work in. And there are a lot!

For example, there is PACSonWEB, a platform that focuses on radiology. The PACSonWEB software enables patients to check their X-Ray, CT scan, MRI or ultrasound. PACSonWEB software is already available in most European countries, and as of this year you can also find Dedalus Group in Latin America. Besides various European languages, we also provide translations into Portuguese for Brazil and into Latin American Spanish. These translations are always done by a native speaker who specialises in medical translations.

An easy partnership

Dedalus Group found us through Thibaut Vanspranghe, who was working in the organisation as Documentation & Localization Specialist. ‘I like working with Wilkens because the communication is very easy. You always get an answer in time and a clear quote with clear agreements.’

During the project, we continue to communicate with each other, because the texts we receive to translate are exports of the user interface, which sometimes makes it difficult to interpret the context. The same word may mean something different in another menu. So we let translators make suggestions and ask questions, which we then share with Dedalus. This way, we ensure that the translation always matches the context.

Are you looking for a translation partner who can translate your specialised medical software content in every possible language? Then we will be happy to help you! Send us an e-mail or call us on +32 (0)9 265 00 40.

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