Medical-pharmaceutical translations for QbD clinical

QbD Clinical – until recently known as TRIUM Clinical Consulting – offers worldwide consultancy and support to companies wanting to market new medical devices and therapies. The international character of the clinical studies they oversee involves a great deal of translation work. Wilkens c.s. has been helping them with this since 2020.

Specialised translation work

When it comes to clinical studies, the quality of the translations is very important, because it always relates to documents with a specialised medical background. Furthermore, the translations must be customised for the targeted audience. For example, brochures for study participants must not be totally correct but also easy to understand for people without a medical background.

Clinical studies are often strongly regulated and need to meet different, country specific requirements. So, an informed consent form for a study in Flanders cannot be used for the same study in the Netherlands, even though they are drafted in the same language.

To guarantee the required quality, Wilkens works with an extensive network of native language translators in the target language, who also have the necessary medical and pharmaceutical knowledge and the current regulations in their country. QbD Clinical therefore always receives translations which meet the official requirements.

Flexible deadlines

Besides quality, speed is also very important. Clinical studies are conducted to tight schedules and documents must be submitted punctually and to the correct organisations, otherwise the whole study risks falling behind. Furthermore, translations are often the last step of a long process. QbD Clinical is often given tight deadlines by their clients, so they appreciate the rapid response time and open communication of Wilkens.

According to Sofie Achten, Clinical Research Professional at QbD Clinical, Wilkens is always easy to reach via email and telephone. Communication about the delivery options and deadlines is always clear. And Wilkens is always flexible. “Which is very valuable, because there can sometimes be changes in when documents are delivered for translation,” Sophie says.

The open communication means there is great confidence between QbD Clinical and Wilkens, which is vital to them. They know that they will always receive their translations by the agreed deadlines with no unpleasant surprises.

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