How a multilingual website proved a great success for Arenal

Do you remember our blog about how the Trappistine nuns from Brecht were conquering the world with their home-made beer soap? They did this with translations of their web shop, made possible with Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) subsidies. This blog got the ball rolling and attracted the attention from sports club chain Arenal, which contacted us to help them with the English and French translation of their website. In this success case, we want to further highlight this partnership.

A fun sports paradise

Arenal is a leading chain of sports clubs. The basic sport in each club is padel, but they also offer tennis, padbol and other sports. Arenal also runs trampoline parks. They also developed a smart app on which people can easily book fields, and find out about all the events in their favourite Arenal club. The app also allows you to play in all their clubs via a credit system. With ten sports clubs in Belgium and two in the Netherlands, they are keen to get people involved in sports. Their slogan ‘Play with us’ embodies this philosophy. And in our multicultural society, there is obviously no better way to reach as many people as possible than by offering your content in as many languages as possible! As it continues to grow, Arenal also wants to reach sports-loving people outside Dutch-speaking areas in the future.

From home match to international competition

This is how Arenal arrived at Wilkens c.s. The seed for our partnership was planted when Julie Vermeersch, communications and marketing manager at Arenal, read our blog about the Trappistine nuns. At the time, she was compiling a dossier for the translation of their website into French and English, and wanted to use the FIT subsidies for this purpose.

After receiving a no-obligation quote, Arenal decided to use our services. The result? A multilingual website which enables Arenal to reach sports fans over the national and linguistic border. Arenal is obviously making great progress in Flanders. Since the start of our partnership, new clubs have opened in Lommel and Bree, while in the autumn, Arenal Roeselare became the 3rd club in West-Flanders. With their multilingual website, they not only want to improve their services to French-speaking Belgians and Belgian expats, but also expand further abroad.

Your winning approach

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