The impact of our ISO certificates on our medical clients

At Wilkens Medical Translations, quality is always our priority. One of the ways this is reflected is in our ISO certificates.

Which is great, but what does that mean for you as our client?

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ISO 9001 – Say what you do, do what you say and prove it!

Let’s start at the beginning. You probably already know the ISO 9001 standard. This can be obtained in many different industries and sectors, also in the world of translations. The ISO 9001 standard simply says: ‘say what you do, do what you say and prove it.’ It shows that a quality management system is in place, and that the organisation really follows that system.

With us, that means that all our processes and procedures are recorded in a platform that every staff member can access. We train our staff to ensure that everyone knows those processes. Internal audits of our quality service then check whether we are doing it properly. And don’t worry, we are! But if you do find something in a translation that you are not entirely happy with, perhaps a term you would like to see translated differently, please feel free to contact us!

ISO 17100 – Top-quality translation services

The ISO 17100 standard formulates requirements for top-quality translation services. For example, every translation must be completed by a native speaker of your target language and checked by a second native speaker. Both must also have the necessary expertise in your field. So you don’t need to worry about things like terminology and QRD templates, or recent developments in the sector. As a client, you can therefore be sure that your text is translated accurately and correctly, whether it is aimed at doctors or (young) patients.

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ISO 27001 – Your data is secure with our IT staff

In the medical-pharmaceutical industry, you regularly encounter sensitive information, such as the personal data of a patient in a medical report, or detailed descriptions of new medical devices that are not yet on the market. It is therefore very important that your translation partner handles your documents confidentially.

Our project managers are supported by the friendliest and, more importantly, most skilled IT specialists from the translation world who know all about Information Security Management Systems (ISMS). All our processes and systems are therefore contained in a huge secure IT cage that is continually being improved. This means that you can be assured that your data cannot be viewed by anyone unauthorised to do so.

ISO 13485 – Always a doctor in the house

This standard is actually an extension of the ISO 9001 standard, specifically targeting the medical devices sector. The certification shows that an organisation succeeds in delivering medical devices and all the related services, like ours, according to the required standards to the client and authorised organisations.

When a company applies this standard, people working in Regulatory Affairs at the EMA and the FDA, for example, can therefore breathe more easily. When we start analysing your translation project and drawing up the quote, we immediately make a distinction in the procedure, and apply requirements in selecting our translators that are much stricter than those of the ISO 17100.

We ensure that you are understood all over the world

Wilkens Medical Translations is a committed partner for all your medical translations. We understand that we are part of what is often a long process in your organisation. For that reason, we continuously think about how we can support our clients and let them focus on their own work. We then ensure that what you write is understood all over the world!

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