The Wilkens c.s. Medical Translations specialists are always up to speed on the latest developments in biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals.


Biotechnology is developing at a tremendous speed and is a relatively new and innovative sector in the healthcare landscape. Biotechnological processes can be used to modify living organisms, e.g. plants, for specific purposes. Practical applications of biotechnology can be found in ecology, agriculture, the food sector and in medicine, with the development of vaccines and new medicines. Of course this evolution in biotechnology produces a lot of paperwork and translation work of documents that map the entire process. High-quality translations are essential here.


Whereas the classic pharmaceutical industry develops new medicines and treatments based on chemistry, biopharmaceutical companies aim to achieve the same, but using biological sources, in particular the most elemental biological source: the cell. The advent of biologics for the treatment of inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and Crohn’s disease has not only provided optimum treatment options, but also an improved quality of life. The first patents for biologics have now expired and the manufacturers of the generic forms – the biosimilars – are carving a path in this competitive market.

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