Not every translator can translate technical texts. For a technical translation specific knowledge is necessary which may differ per field of study. The metal industry for example, uses other terminology than consumer electronics. For the translation of your technical texts, we therefore always select a translator with thorough knowledge of your field.

technical translations translation agency wilkens cs ghent belgiumExpert translators

A technical translator at Wilkens c.s. has gained experience in a technical environment or had a technical education. For example, we have translators who have worked as an engineer or electrician. Thanks to this background, our translators are familiar with technical terminology.

All specialties, all texts

From shipbuilding to ICT, from chemical texts to construction, Wilkens c.s. provides translations for all fields. A small selection of the different types of texts we translate for you:

– Instructions and manuals
– Installation instructions
– Safety regulations
– Environmental impact assessments
– Construction quotes
– Product specifications

Computer-Aided Translation

Correctness and consistency are important in the translation of your technical texts. For technical translations, we therefore use advanced software for computer-aided translation (CAT). These tools provide a number of advantages:

– Consistency: recurring terms are translated the same way throughout the document.
– Cost saving: thanks to the use of translation memories the text needs only to be translated once if it appears in the text several times.
You get your translation back in the same format as the original text (e.g. Word document, PDF format, AutoCAD).
– Terminology Database: we save translations of technical terms, so that they can also be used for subsequent translations.
Speed: CAT tools allow multiple translators to simultaneously work on your text, making it possible for large volumes of text to be quickly translated as well.

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