‘Vision pays off’ in the partnership with Dierickx Leys Private Bank

Dierickx Leys Private Bank specialises in investment advice, equity management, fund management and asset management. The company was founded in Antwerp in 1901 and now has offices in Mortsel, Ghent and Kortrijk too. The motto used by Dierickx Leys Private Bank is ‘vision pays off’, and that also applies to their partnership with Wilkens c.s. We have been their regular translation partner since 2018.

Dierickx Leys Private Bank and Wilkens c.s. speak the same language

Both Dierickx Leys Private Bank and Wilkens c.s. set high store by individual service and custom work. We also both enjoy working with regular contact people, so that clients can rely on a familiar face and a fast and efficient service. Both companies prefer to embark on a long-term relationship with their clients. Quality and expertise are also high on our list of priorities. Thanks to these similarities, the partnership between Dierickx Leys Private Bank and Wilkens c.s. has always gone smoothly.

A regular workflow

Dierickx Leys Private Bank sends all its client communications in Dutch and French. We therefore tend to receive short texts like articles for the website, e-mails, posts for LinkedIn or press releases. These texts are published several times a week and need to be translated as quickly as possible. Wilkens c.s. has established a regular workflow for these projects that is known by both the client and their project manager. This means that translation projects can always be completed fast and efficiently.

Besides these translations of short texts, Wilkens c.s. also regularly undertakes bigger translation projects for Dierickx Leys Private Bank, such as their three-monthly magazine Dierickx Leys Journal or financial documentation relating to their investment products. We work with a regular translator who has extensive financial expertise and who is also very familiar with the desired writing style and terminology preferences of Dierickx Leys Private Bank. Thanks to the smooth collaboration and clear expectations, these translation projects are always problem free.

‘Professional, skilled and expert’

Pascale van Gastel, commercial officer at Dierickx Leys Private Bank and our regular contact person for translation projects, summarises our service as ‘professional, skilled and expert’.

Do you want your financial texts translated by a partner with the same values as your organisation? Wilkens c.s. will be happy to help! Please contact us via info@wilkens.be or via +32 (0)9 265 00 40.

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