Multi-faceted translations for Forum Advocaten

Forum Advocaten and Wilkens have been working closely together for legal translations since 2018. In this success case, we look at the long-term partnership between our companies and what makes it so successful.

Customer relations first

The Antwerp-based Forum Advocaten differentiates itself from the other legal firms by prioritising a sincere and close relationship between clients and employees. The team of specialised lawyers takes the broad context into account in every dossier in order to find a long-term solution. In doing so, they ensure transparent communication in which they say what they do and do what they say.

Forum Advocaten is proud to speak the language of its clients, both literally and figuratively. Associate Jana Kern was born and raised in Germany and speaks six languages fluently. Through her background, she understands her German clients perfectly, in terms of both mentality and language. She finds that this combination makes the clients feel very secure. They understand what the lawyers are saying, which eliminates a whole lot of stress.

Die deutsche Gründlichkeit

With clients all over the world, the lawyers regularly need translations. In their search for a suitable translation company, Wilkens appeared to be the best fit. ‘We were looking for a company with efficiency. The translation companies we had worked with previously were closed over the summer or not working to full capacity. I had also had some bad experiences when it comes to quality,’ says Kern. ‘I appreciate the thorough approach at Wilkens. Maybe that stems from my deutsche Gründlichkeit! And the quality of the translations is very good.’

A range of translations

We often do legal translations into German for Forum Advocaten. Nevertheless, the translations are very different in character because of the diversity in the legal firm. For example, we often translate counsels, letters in court cases and terms and conditions. In other words, for us as a translation company, it’s vital to have a good idea of exactly what Forum Advocaten needs for their project.

Whenever we receive a translation request, we therefore always contact the lawyer responsible. ‘Wilkens doesn’t ask questions that were already answered in the request,’ says Kern. ‘They are proactive and understand us well.’

Meanwhile, we have already translated more than 60,000 words for Ms Kern and her colleagues. We look forward to continuing this pleasant and successful partnership!

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