A positive impact together with Capricorn Partners

The world is built on figures. Such a statement might automatically take you back to your maths class at school, where you learned the theorem of some old Greek called Pythagoras. But figures obviously play a much bigger role than that. Annual reports, business profiles, reports for stakeholders, etc. The financial sector isn’t merely about the figures.

Those figures need to be presented in clear language that is easy for everyone to understand. That’s where Wilkens c.s comes into play. With our years of experience, we are therefore an excellent partner for all your financial translations. Since 2020, Wilkens c.s. has been the regular translation partner of Capricorn Partners. Let’s put the spotlight on this partnership here.

‘Investing where technology impacts most’ with Capricorn Partners

For some 30 years, Capricorn Partners has been a fixed asset in the financial sector.
As manager of risk capital, capital growth and listed equity funds, they mainly focus on innovative companies that are striving to make a positive impact on the planet using technology. Which is the reason for their motto, ‘Investing where technology impacts most’. Wilkens c.s. wants to help them send their message into the world in other languages too.

That message usually needs to be translated from Dutch into English, the language of the financial world, but occasionally we also translate their English communications into Dutch.

Financial geniuses

So what documents are involved? For Capricorn Partners, we mainly translate shorter texts, like business profiles and press releases. But once a year and every quarter, we also help them translate their more sizeable texts, namely the annual and quarterly reports.

The combination of pure figures and readable reports about the activities of the past year is an exciting challenge. Fortunately, not everyone needs to be an economic or financial genius. We have our specialised translators for that. With all their years of experience, they have sifted through and deciphered the manual that accompanies those financial texts. Thanks to our specialised financial translators, we always produce a good result. For Capricorn Partners, we always work with the same translators, who have already worked on many annual reports.

Relieving the pressure

Capricorn Partners relies on us as a translation partner for those stressful periods when deadlines come dangerously close. We enjoy relieving the pressure so that they can tick off at least one item on their to-do list.

Are you also looking for a reliable partner who can take work off your hands? Contact us at info@wilkens.be, or give us a call on +32 (0)9 265 00 40.

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